From warehouses, offices and laboratories to restaurants and retail locations, any and all businesses can and at some point, will be effected by a pest situation.

We provide low cost professionally managed programs to help protect your staff, clients, products and buildings on either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly terms with no contract required.

Warehouse & Crossdock

Our staff have backgrounds in many fields including the warehouse and trucking industry giving us first hand knowledge of what may be encountered in these environments.  We can help manage any and all pest situations that may arise. 

Restaurants and Bars

Food handling environments pose their own challenges.  As they are mandated by provincial bodies to maintain pest control records, they are scrutinized more closely.  We can handle everything for you from basic rodent and insect control and monitoring to helping rid your establishment of the worst infestations.


Grocery stores, clothing stores, furniture and mattresses.  All retail locations are highly susceptible to many varieties of pests.  With lots of places to hide there is also lots of product to damage.  Taking a proactive approach to pest control can help minimize secondary costs.


When operating areas like manufacturing facilities or gas plants, compressor sites or rail yards, pest problems can be very real.  Damaged equipment causes costly down time and the possible health effects of pests on staff can have its own set of consequences.  Just like equipment maintenance, preventative pest maintenance can save a lot in the long run.

Healthcare & Laboratories

Facilities that are held to the highest standard for health and cleanliness also require the highest quality in pest control.  Take the proactive approach to minimize health risks to patients and staff.  Allow us to perform a much needed service and take that one task off of an already full plate.

Multi-Unit and Mixed tenant

When you have business and residential combined in one building, there is a great risk for pest problems to spread rapidly and create many issues.  Having preventative inspections and maintenance for buildings and complexes like this can reduce risk of vacancy and property damage.

OHS and Pest Control

Health concerns when it comes to pests can be very real.  Risks of communicable disease transmitted by bird droppings, hantavirus spread by mice and breathing issues caused by cockroaches can all be mitigated early by proper pest management and preventative maintenance.  Including pest control in your company's health and safety, policies can help lower liability and risk by ensuring everyone knows how to identify and report possible or currently occurring pest problems.

Already have a provider or program in place?

Call us for a free no obligation site inspection and evaluation of your current program.  We feel that periodic auditing of programs help find deficiencies and can update procedures to the most current.  We have found that this service ensures that you are not paying for a service that you are not receiving.

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